Mentoring Moments Matter!

Written by Weekly Mentor Program Manager and Free Arts mentor Ruth Farber when reflecting on her experience mentoring this fall. 

2 years ago when mentoring at one of our treatment facilities I worked with a young lady b...

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2013's Luncheon Musings

Written by Patience Briggs

The day of the luncheon I woke up in a pretty good mood. And as I began to get ready that morning all I could think about was how much I’d been preparing for this luncheon to come and how read...

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Wells Fargo presents... 20th Anniversary Luncheon - Thank you to our sponsors

Luncheon sponsors make a profound impact on improving the lives of our most vulnerable children. Thank you!


“Mentor” Presenting Sponsor $10,000

Wells Fargo Ba...

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The Healing Power of Camp

Written by Community Mentor and former Free Arts staff member Kristy Baker when reflecting on her experience at MAC Camp in 2010.

Camp this year was such an amazing experience. It’s hard to know if it’s because of...

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Camp iMpACt Stories

2013 Free Arts Camp Series

At camp Free Arts youth and volunteers come together and create a community of support and growth! At camp everyone comes from dark and scary places but no one  is judged and and all are suppor...

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A Change of heART

Victoria’s Story – a reflection on Multicultural Arts Camp 2013

Victoria came in on the first day of MAC Camp scowling. At lunch she told a volunteer in no uncertain terms that she wasn’t coming back becaus...

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Giving Youth a Voice!

Kathi Ridgeway, Middle School teacher at Sunshine Acres Children’s Home
10 children from Sunshine Acres created original artwork and poetry and performed and exhibited their work at the 2012 Every Child Matters luncheon.  ...

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