Length of volunteering (years): 1.5

How did you first get involved with FA: As a volunteer

Why Mentor: Because I relate to kids dealing with turbulent upbringing/experiences

What do you look forward to: All the positive energy, and those moments when you see trust blooming in a young person’s eyes.

What impact are we making with the children: I hope they learn that there are people in our world whom they can trust, and that they learn that they too can express themselves through the arts

What sets Free Arts apart: The feeling of true caring at all times, regardless the event or environment

Reward: Seriously? Who can pick that? Kids who won’t be denied hugs. Kids who message me on father’s day. Kids who write poems about me. The friends i’ve made. The good we do in the community…..

Challenge: Facilitating Wednesday night sessions at Neighborhood ministries while working with a staff that is spread too thin and teens who lack focus. My partner and I made a concerted effort to focus on consistency, hoping that our dedication to the program and the youth would push us through and make our program successful. It was a good approach, and seems to have worked. 🙂