Meet The 2017 Art From The Heart Art Auction Honorary Co-Chairs

Billie Jo (Left) and Patsy (right)

Art Auction honorary co-chairs Billie Jo Herberger and Patsy Lowry became friends while both teaching at The Judson School, a private boarding school in Paradise Valley. They were fast friends as Billie Jo was the surfer and ballet dancer turned PE teacher while Patsy was the artist turned art teacher. This long-time friendship has lasted because when they met, they were both young adults just out of college and they became involved in the social world of a growing town which allowed them to grow together. Over time they became mothers and eventually grandmothers, sharing the ups and downs of families. As Billie Jo states, “Through every hard time, happy time, creative time, weird time, somehow we always totally understood and were there for each other.”

Anything that Patsy is involved with, Billie Jo goes out and supports and vice versa; from Patsy’s art openings to performing arts events that Billie Jo sponsors. While Patsy wears her art, Billie Jo is just as artistic in that she makes beautiful jewelry. By supporting each other’s work and causes, they both help to make the Arizona art community fabulous.

Billie Jo and Patsy were introduced to Free Arts’ Art From The Heart Art Auction by a friend of Free Arts who proposed that they be the 2017 honorary chairs. Previously, the two friends were the honorary chairs of a local luncheon and thought that sharing the responsibility for this event would be a good opportunity to support the arts and children. Additionally, through their own experiences, both Billie Jo and Patsy recognize that the arts make everything better. Supporting an organization that brings the arts to homeless and abused children enables those children to daydream and be in a better place emotionally. When asked what part of the auction she is looking forward to the most, Billie Jo says, “Hopefully every painting will have someone that will fall in love with it and because of the energy and the excitement around this event, word will get out that this is another fabulous program in this community.”

Free Arts and the Art auction committee is thrilled to have Billie Jo and Patsy’s support for this year’s art auction and hope they share many more happy, creative and weird times.

For tickets visit the Free Arts website.