Awesome Alumni


Free Arts Alumni Gabby hunches over a computer keyboard next to a Free Arts mentor.  Together they are crafting a cover letter to go with her resume.  Gabby and seven other Alumni of Free Arts programs are applying for paid summer opportunities in the Free Arts Camp program. 

“We don’t want our service to these kids to end when they age out of the group homes and shelters where they are living,” says Program Manager, Ruth Sager, “It is important to us to keep offering them opportunities to grow their skills.  Putting them in paid positions this summer gives them a chance to work side by side with professional teaching artists, counselors, and staff members. It also shows them that they are valuable and worth being paid for their time and talents”.

All eight of this year’s applicants were awarded positions at Camp this summer, many of them riding the bus over 2 hours to and from camp each day.

Over the past several years the presence of Free Arts Alumni at Camp programs has allowed current participants to feel safe enough to quickly engage in activities.  The Alumni also serve as role models of resilience for younger children.

As one camp participant reflected, “Meeting the Free Arts alumni at camp showed me that other people have been in my situation before and risen above it.  I want to be able to do that too”.  

Free Arts looks forward to watching these young people continue to rise.  To meet some of the Alumni and watch them perform please purchase tickets to the Every Child Matters Luncheon by clicking HERE.