Creativity Day

One of the four programs we provide at Free Arts is Free Arts Days.  In collaboration with our Valley’s cultural institutions, Free Arts Days bring a day full of art to the children from our partner agencies.  We are fortunate to be able to offer 2-3 Free Arts Days a month.  One of the largest Free Arts Days, Creativity Day, occurred this past Wednesday, July 18th, at the Phoenix Art Museum.  Partnering with the museum, as well as Ballet Arizona and the Arizona Opera, we offered activities such as learning how to dye fabric, telling stories through movement and dance, and playing instruments from around the world.  In addition to the activities, the museum provided a tour of the galleries, including their newest exhibition, To Be Thirteen.  For most of the children, it was their first time visiting a museum.  Program staff, Free Arts volunteer mentors, and corporate volunteers were on hand to help 85 children experience all aspects of art.  They encouraged the participants to be brave and try new things, reminding them, as Free Arts often says, that there are no mistakes in art.